• KN95 Protective Face Mask

    5-layer design with over 95% particle filtering efficiency(PFE)

    Chinese National Standard: GB2626-2006 ,

    CE and FDA certified (SGS test report available),

    Max Production Capacity: 800,000pcs per day

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  • Henghui KN95 Face Mask Manufacturing

  • Detail for Henghui 5-layer KN95 Face Mask

    better protection with 5 layer design and endurable use with built-in nose bar

    5 layer Design Composition

    • 1st layer 50g SS non-woven fabric
    • 2nd layer 25g 95% grade melt-blown fabric
    • 3rd layer 50g hot air cotton
    • 4th layer 25g 95% grade melt-blown fabric
    • 5th layer 25g skin-friendly non-woven fabric


    • Built-in nose bar, no peel off issue like built-out nose bar
    • Unltrasonic welding for ear loop, flexible stretch, not easy to break
    • Ultrasonic edge banding 
    • Seamless anti-fog design with high filteration 
    • Comfortable to wear with high protection
  • FAQ on KN95 Face Mask

    A complete guide to help you get the right mask that can really protect you

    What is KN95 Face mask?

    A KN95 mask is a facial mask with 5 layers.

    It provides protection against viruses, droplets, and even dust particles that enter our respiratory system.

    This is Chinese-made mask equivalent to American’s N95 mask which is made in multiple synthetic materials that cover nose to mouth.

    It is designed to cover the face to protect against particles, viruses, etc.

    What is the difference between N95 and K95 mask?

    N95 masks are simply American made while KN95 masks are the Chinese equivalent.

    What does KN95 stand for?

    KN means Chinese standard and 95 is filters 95% of particles like dust, pollution, smog, pollen, etc.

    What does KN95 protect you from?

    The KN95 mask is a good protection for our respiratory system against particles, viruses and bacteria.

    What are the materials of KN95?

    There are 5 layers of fabric used in KN95.

    These are first layer, SS non-woven fabric. Second layer, 95% melt-blown fabric. Third layer, hot air cotton. Fourth layer, another 95% melt-blown fabric and last is skin non-woven fabric.

    Does KN95 mask better protect people against coronavirus?

    Yes! The KN95 mas can filter particles, bacteria and even viruses like coronavirus.

    They are better than cloth masks that some people use.

    How long can we use a KN95 mask?

    The KN95 mask’s efficiency in terms of filtration is up to 2 days.

    Beyond this time, the filtration rate decreases as well as the protection if gives.

    Are KN95 masks as effective as non-surgical 3-ply mask?

    Yes. In fact, KN95 mask have additional protection against dust particles unlike 3-ply mask which filters mainly the droplets that contain viruses and bacteria.

    Meaning, the KN95 is one step above surgical masks.

    Does KN95 mask expire?

    Yes. Any product should have an expiration date.

    But the thing is, they can still serve the purpose of protection against particulate matter, viruses and bacteria even past the expiration date.

    For as long as the are not used and damaged, they can still work.

    Will virus enter the hole of KN95 masks?

    No one cannot 100% guarantee that one cannot catch virus even when masks are worn.

    But, the reason why you wear mask is t protect yourself rather than not having a mask at all.

    KN95 mask has 95% filtration and most likely has higher percentage of protection when used or worn properly.

    Can I wash a KN95 mask?

    No. The KN95 masks are disposable although some sanitize and reuse it.

    The more you use a mask beyond the specific time that it would work best, the lesser protection you are getting because the filtration rate will also decrease.

    How do I know if a mask is FDA or CE registered?

    All masks should be FDA or CE registered to make sure that they’re safe to use and there are no harmful substances used in producing the masks.

    What are the uses of KN95 mask?

    The KN95 masks are used generally in filtering particulate matter such as dust, pollution, pollen, smog and other airborne matter like droplets, viruses, bacteria.

    They are used to protect ourselves from viruses entering our system.

    Is KN95 a medical mask?

    The KN95 mask has the same composition and efficiency an N95 mask has.

    There are medical grade KN95 masks especially when approved by CE and FDA.

    How to properly wear a KN95 mask?

    The proper way of wearing a mask for protection is it should fit your nose to mouth up to under the chin.

    Check the nosepiece to fit against the nose bridge.

    You should also make sure that the ties or ear loops are properly placed.

    Lastly, the mask is worn properly if should be able to breathe comfortably.

    What are the functions of a KN95 mask?

    The KN95 mask provides protection for respiratory system against particulate matter such as dust, smog, pollution, pollen and viruses and bacteria as well.

    It also prevents the spread of viruses and infection among people.

    How much filtration does a KN95 mask have?

    The KN95 generally has 95% filtration rate.

    Can you tell if a KN95 mask is fake?

    To check if a KN95 mask is fake, you should check for flammability, permeability, and water resistance.

    Permeability means there should not be an airflow between the mouth and mask. You can try blowing a candle—if the flame goes out, it’s fake. You should not be able to blow the flame in a legit KN95 mask.

    You can also test the water resistance by pouring a small amount of water and check for leaks.

    Lastly, the fire test. You can burn an edge of the middle layer and it shouldn’t catch fire. If it catches fire then it is fake.

    What is the filtration rate of a KN95 mask?

    A high-quality KN95 mask should has 95% filtration rate.

    Should I get a KN95 mask with a valve?

    The experts recommend the use of KN95 mask without the valve.

    The reason is you can exhale air from the valve and may be potentially risky especially if the user is infected.

    How are KN95 face masks tested for filtration?

    Filtration efficiency test is designed to ensure a mask’s protection against droplets.

    For this test, a sample is aerosolized with a nebulizer.

    The specific aerosol is used and there should not be a leak to see if the mask is efficient.

    Are KN95 masks reusable?

    No. The 3-ply masks are disposable, and you can only use it to a maximum of 2-3days.

    How many layers does a KN95 mask have?

    The KN95 has 5 layers of fabric made with different materials that serves protection for the user.

    How often should you change a KN95 mask?

    You can also use the KN95 mask within 2-3 days.

    After the said hours, you should change mask for better protection against viruses since the filtration efficiency decreases.

    How to dispose a KN95 mask correctly?

    To dispose a KN95 mask properly, remove the ear loops and the mask.

    Discard the mask or look for non-biodegradable trash bin or trash bin that is specifically used for waste materials, and do not leave it exposed where people can touch or use it.

    Which is the most important layer of a KN95 mask?

    The most important layer of the KN95 mask is the melt-blown fabric layer since this is the layer that does the filtration.

    There are two melt-blown fabric in a KN95 mask.

    What are the features of KN95 mask?

    The KN95 mask has the following features such as built-in nosebar, flexible ear loop, ultrasonic edge banding, high filtration rate and comfortable to wear

    Are KN95 masks expensive?

    No. It is more affordable than its US counterpart N95 masks.

    Are KN95 masks safe for children?

    Yes. There are KN95 masks available that are tailor-fit for children.

    With this, you can be sure that your children are also protected against viruses.

    Is it safe to wear KN95 mask when exercising?

    Yes. Wearing a KN95 mask when exercising is safe but 3-ply mask is more recommendable.

    With this, you can still breath comfortably even when exercising.


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