• 3Ply Medical Face Mask

    We deliver high quality 3ply face mask for both medical use(type IIR) and civilian use

    3Ply Medical face mask Type IIR EN14683:2019

    1. 3 layer design with high quality non-woven fabric and melt-blown fabric

    2. BFE≥ 98% with excetutive Standard: EN14683:2019 Type IIR as per SGS test report

    3. Soft and flexible nose bridge with earloop

    4. UNUSUAL brand face mask packing box

    5. CE and FDA certified meeting both EU and US standard

    6. Max Production Capacity: 1,000,000pcs per day

    7. Large Stock, fast delivery

    8. Application: Daily protective purpose, hospital, laboratory, food industry, dust free workshop, electronic manufacturers, etc.

  • Detail for Henghui Disposible 3Ply Medical Face Mask

    High filtering ability against dust and bacteria, water resistant, easy to breathe

    3 layer Design Composition

    • 1st layer 25g/m² non-woven fabric
    • 2nd layer 25g/m² 99% grade melt-blown fabric
    • 3rd layer Skin-friendly 25g/m² non-woven fabric 


    • BFE(Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) ≥ 98% meeting EN14683:2019 Type IIR

    • Standard size 17.5cm×9.5cm

    • Blue color mask part with white color flat earloop

    • Without glass fibres

    • Highly breathable

    • Nose bar adaptable

    • Perfect fitting

  • Packing

    • 50pcs in one box, 40boxes (total 2,000pcs) in one carton

    • N.W.: 8.5kg, G.W.: 8.9kg

    • Carton size: 54x 43 x34cm

    • Customized packing box with your own logo is acceptable.

  • SGS Test Report for Henghui Unusual Brand Blue Color White Color 3Ply Medical face mask Type IIR EN14683:2019 China Factory Wholesale Supply

    SGS Test Report

    Authentic test report for our disposible 3ply medical face mask Type IIR showing BFE>99%

    Reach us to get the complete full SGS test report.

  • CE Declaration of Conformity for Henghui Unusual Brand Blue Color White Color 3Ply Medical face mask Type IIR EN14683:2019 China Factory Wholesale Supply

    CE Certification

    CE Declaration of Conformity for our 3ply Medical Face Mask

  • FDA Registration Certificate for Henghui Unusual Brand Blue Color White Color 3Ply Medical face mask Type IIR EN14683:2019 China Factory Wholesale Supply

    FDA Certification

    FDA Registration certification for our 3ply Medical Face Mask & KN95 Respirator

  • FAQ on Disposable 3Ply Face Mask

    A complete guide to help you get the right mask that you really need

    What is Disposable 3Ply Face Mask

    A 3-ply mask is a facial mask with three layers.

    It provides protection against viruses and droplets that enter our respiratory system.

    It also reduces viral transmission between people.

    What is the difference between 3-ply non-surgical and surgical mask?

    Face masks protect us against airborne viruses, germs or bacteria.

    A 3-ply non-surgical mask gives protection against droplets and may not 100% effectively filter viruses but can be used in anywhere.

    A 3-ply surgical mask filters fluid like blood, droplets, but is only used in hospitals and do not fully protect against viruses.

    What is the difference between KN95 and 3-ply mask?

    Both types of masks protect us from airborne viruses, bacteria, etc.

    The 3-ply mask has three layers and provides up to 90% protection against airborne viruses, especially droplets.

    The KN95 mask also provides protection against viruses but more effective in filtering dust particles as well.

    How effective is a 3-ply face mask?

    The 3-ply mask is an efficient protection against viruses.

    When worn properly, it can be 90% effective in filtering viruses, droplets and other particles.

    Do 3-ply surgical and non-surgical masks have the same materials?

    Both 3-ply surgical and non-surgical masks are respiratory masks and have 3 layers and made of high-quality non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric and skin non-woven fabric.

    There is a slight difference in the material though because surgical mask’s outer layer is water-resistant and can repel fluid like blood and droplets.

    Does 3-ply mask better protect people against coronavirus?

    Yes! In fact, this is the most appropriate and affordable option for people to protect themselves against Covid-19.

    How long can we use a 3-ply mask?

    The 3-ply mask is best effective when used for 3-4 hours then it must be disposed properly.

    Also, they can be worn for a maximum of 8 hours.

    Are 3 ply masks as effective as KN95?

    The effectiveness depends on how you’re going to use it.

    If you need to protect yourself against airborne viruses, then 3-ply mask if a good use.

    But if you need to protect yourself against dust particles, then you must use KN95.

    What materials are used in making 3 ply masks?

    There are 3 layers of materials used for 3-ply masks.

    These are soft non-woven fabric – which is to filter large particles, melt-blown fabric – filters non-oily particulate matter, and skin non-woven fabric protects against droplets.

    How do you identify a 2-ply mask and a 3-ply mask?

    The 2-ply masks have 2 layers while 3-ply masks have 3 layers of materials.

    Can I wash a 3-ply mask?

    No. The 3-ply masks are disposable and cannot be washed to be used again.

    How do I know if a mask is FDA or CE registered?

    All masks should be FDA or CE registered to make sure that they’re safe to use and there are no harmful substances used in producing the masks.

    What are the uses of 3-ply mask?

    The 3-ply masks are used generally in filtering particles like droplets, viruses, bacteria.

    They are used to protect ourselves from viruses entering our system.

    What is a 3-layer mask?

    A 3-layer mask is a mask that basically has 3 layer-materials such as soft non-woven fabric, melt-blown fabric and skin non-woven fabric.

    How to properly wear a 3-ply mask?

    The proper way of wearing a mask for protection is white fabric should be worn inside.

    On the other hand, he colored fabric usually color blue is facing outside to protect against droplets.

    You should also make sure that the ties or ear loops are properly placed.

    Lastly, should be able to breathe comfortably.

    What are the functions of 3-ply mask?

    The main purpose of a 3-ply mask is to protect people against airborne viruses and droplets that enter our respiratory system.

    It also prevents the spread of viruses and infection among people.

    How much filtration does a 3-ply mask have?

    The 3-ply mask generally filter about 80-90% filtration rate.

    The high-quality 3-ply mask can filter up to 99% efficiency.

    Can you tell if a 3-ply mask is fake?

    To tell if your 3-ply mask is genuine, you can test it by cutting it open and check whether it has 3 layers of fabric.

    You can also test the water resistance by pouring a small amount of water and check for leaks.

    Lastly, the fire test. You can burn an edge of the middle layer and it shouldn’t catch fire. If it catches fire then it is fake.

    What is the filtration rate of a 3-ply mask?

    A high-quality 3-ply mask should filter up to 99% bacterial filtration.

    What is the minimum filtration rate for 3-ply mask?

    The minimum bacterial filtration of a 3-ply mask should be at least 80% to say that it is legit and effective.

    How are 3-ply face masks tested for bacterial filtration?

    Bacterial Filtration Efficiency test is designed to ensure a mask’s protection against droplets.

    For this test, a sample is aerosolized with a nebulizer.

    The droplets which are not neutralized go through the filtration using a six-stage Andersen sampler.

    Are 3-ply masks reusable?

    No. The 3-ply masks are disposable, and you can only use it to a maximum of 8 hours.

    Are 3-ply masks washable?

    No. The 3-ply masks cannot be washed and used again as it is disposable.

    How often should you change a 3-ply mask?

    You can also you the 3-ply mask for 3-4 hours and a maximum of 8 hours.

    After the said hours, you should change mask for better protection against viruses.

    How to dispose a 3-ply mask correctly?

    To dispose a 3-ply mask properly, remove the ear loops and the mask.

    Get a paper or look for non-biodegradable trash bin or trash bin that is specifically used for waste materials.

    Which is the most important layer of a 3-ply mask?

    The most important layer of the 3-ply mask is the middle layer since this is the layer that does the filtration.

    What are the layers of a 3-ply face mask?

    The 3 layers of the 3 -ply masks are:

    1. Soft non-woven fabric – filters large particles and goof for air absorbency
    2. Melt-blown fabric – filters non-oily particles
    3. Skin non-woven fabric – filters droplets or other liquid like blood

    Are 3-ply masks expensive?

    No. It is affordable and can be bought in boxes and bulk to ensure you are safe against viruses.

    Are 3-ply masks safe for children?

    Yes. There are 3-ply masks that are fit for children aged 2-12.

    With this, you can be sure that your children are also protected against viruses.

    Is it safe to wear 3-ply mask when exercising?

    Yes. Wearing 3-ply mask should be okay since it is not that tight like that of KN95.

    With this, you can still breath comfortably even when exercising.

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